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Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sun Jun 2 16:12:13 EDT 2013

Thank you all for your input. The general concensus seems to be to keep everything as is. 

Thinking about it afterwards it would indeed be lots of work to switch for little gain.

I believe it's good to question things as they always have been from time to time. Over time, 
people come and go, workflows change, new tools appear,...

In this case what was is still ok. Yay !

I have fixed the notification messages for htdocs to be in line with the svn notification 


On Friday 31 May 2013 10:52:49 Geert Janssens wrote:
> My work on the transition to git accidentally brought up a small issue
> regarding the two mailing lists we have the record changes in the
> repositories: gnucash-changes and gnucash- patches.
> gnucash-changes publishes all commits with full details (diff of all
> files that got changed) gnucash-patches instead only publishes
> summaries of changes (effectively only the commit messages)
> I didn't pay attention when setting up the mail notifications on git
> and accidentally swapped these. Looking back I think that happened
> because gnucash-patches naturally makes me think of the full diffs
> and gnucash-changes more of summaries.
> I decided to do a a little poll regarding these two lists, to
> determine how to handle them in the (git-only) future:
> 1. Which lists are you subscribed to ?
>   a. gnucash-changes
>   b. gnucash-patches
>   c. both
>   d. none
> 2. If you're only subscribed to one, why that one ?
> 3. Do you think gnucash needs two lists ? Why yes or why no ?
> 4. For the future:
>   a. We should keep the two list as they are now:
>      gnucash-changes should have the detailed logs
>      gnucash-patches should have the summaries
>   b. We should keep two lists, but swap the contents:
>      gnucash-patches should have the detailed logs
>      gnucash-changes should have the summaries
>   c. I think we only need one list with detailed logs
>   d. I think we only need one list with summaries
> You may motivate your answers :)
> Geert
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