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Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Fri Jun 21 11:18:30 EDT 2013

On Friday 21 June 2013 11:05:20 Buddha Buck wrote:
> Is the proper repo to fork if I
> want to do work on Gnucash development?
> I'd like to develop some command-line utilities that use the Gnucash
> API to manipulate Gnucash files.  If that works, I'd like to
> contribute them back to Gnucash.
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Yes, that's the one.

If you have experience with git, all you need to know is you can clone that repository and 
you're off. Only keep in mind our development branch is called "trunk" (due to our svn legacy) 
instead of the usual "master" in pure git environments.

If you're relatively new to git, we have a wiki page explaining this in a little more detail:

I'm looking forward to your contributions :)


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