Feature discussion: Access restriction for gnucash files by password

Christian Stimming christian at cstimming.de
Wed Jun 26 16:45:24 EDT 2013

Am Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013, 14:20:33 schrieb John Ralls:
> I suppose that this isn't too harmful so long as it's clear that it conveys
> a false sense of security and that simply having separate userids is a
> better solution.
> Note that the MySql and Postgresql backends do provide for authentication,
> but we defeat it by storing the userid and password. In those cases we
> should  pop up the authentication dialog rather than storing the
> credentials rather than using a KVP parameter on the book.

Where do we store the passwords? Just in the full URL? That means if there is 
no password the connection just doesn't open. We don't have an extra password 
dialog if the SQL server responds but asks for a password, correct?



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