gnucash-v2.rnc license is GPLv2+ I presume?

Baptiste Carvello devel at
Mon Mar 4 09:03:00 EST 2013

Le 03/03/2013 21:25, Christian Stimming a écrit :

> I don't know any details about Baptiste Carvello's licensing intentions here. 
> On the other hand, at the time of his contributions (August and November 
> 2012), the whole source code of gnucash was GPL-v2 and -v3 (stated in LICENSE 
> since r19546 in September 2010). Because of that, you can assume the 
> contribution to the project are at least under the same license as the project 
> itself, which means your file is GPL-v2 and -v3.

Indeed. Feel free to mark my contribution as GPL-v2 and -v3.


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