gnucash-v2.rnc license is GPLv2+ I presume?

Christian Stimming christian at
Sun Mar 3 15:25:17 EST 2013

As for Josh Sled's original contribution: His last statement about the GPL 
version(s) of his contributions was on 2010-08-28, saying

> Any contribution I've made to gnucash which was under the GPLv2 only may
> be considered to be under both v2 and v3.

Following along that lines, we can consider his original .rnc file to be under 
GPL-v2 and -v3.

I don't know any details about Baptiste Carvello's licensing intentions here. 
On the other hand, at the time of his contributions (August and November 
2012), the whole source code of gnucash was GPL-v2 and -v3 (stated in LICENSE 
since r19546 in September 2010). Because of that, you can assume the 
contribution to the project are at least under the same license as the project 
itself, which means your file is GPL-v2 and -v3.



Am Samstag, 2. März 2013, 19:32:00 schrieb Thorsten Behrens:
> Hi guys,
> was wondering about $subject, since nothing is explicitely stated in
> the rng file. Would you, as the authors, be able to add a clarifying
> comment?
> (background - code-generating from it in
> Thanks a lot,
> -- Thorsten

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