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> I figured after the at best luke-warm reception in January that there wasn't enough interest to follow up. It's pretty late to do a web page.  GSoC isn't going to entertain an org with only one proposal and available mentor. If someone's really interested I suggest that they make a proposal to Gnome.
> In my experience, this is not the case (or doesn't need to be the case).  I've worked with GSoC for a number of years as a mentor for a small org, and there are ways to make it work.  For one thing, while it's true that Google isn't going to accept GnuCash as an organization, there are many organizations that act as "umbrella" organizations, handling the Google point-of-contact and money handling for a number of small organizations.  Most of the GSoC organizations which get the largest number of students are actually umbrellas.  GnuCash, with one mentor, would be perfect to work with an umbrella like that.  
> It may be too late to consider it this year, but for the future it might be worth looking into.

We worked with Gnome as an umbrella last year, which is why I suggested contacting them this year.

John Ralls

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