Translation into French

Didier Féminier dfeminier at
Sun Nov 17 16:29:36 EST 2013

I am a professional translator and I use Linux as the standard OS on my 

I wish to translate GnuCash Tutorial and Concepts Guide into French. I 
foresee no major problem overwriting the English with French the xml 
files. And of course, what I don't know, I will learn along the way! 
However, in order to avoid wasting time and energy, I want to make sure 
that nobody else is working on the same project. Could you please 
confirm that I would be, as far as you know, the only one working on 
this translation into French?

If someone is already working on it, I am also willing to collaborate, 
as long as this person is a qualified/experienced translator.


Didier Féminier
159, rue de Morency Apt. 402
Gatineau  QC
J8V 2E7
819.930.4767 (mobile)
819.931 4800 (fixe)

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