[Patch] Bug 712640: gnc-engine.c parallel optimization

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Tue Nov 19 09:02:23 EST 2013

Hi Alex,

A few direct answers to your questions.

On Tuesday 19 November 2013 12:26:12 Alex Kempster wrote:
> - It looks like someone has already reverted the wiki change regarding
> openmp.
John did so

> - I also added doxygen to:
> and a few required or useful tools
> sudo apt-get install libtool swig subversion libgnomeui-dev xsltproc
> doxygen
> This has also been reverted (under ubuntu 12.04). Can i make that
> change back? I would consider doxygen a useful tool that is not
> included in that specific package and I know it something that
> gnucash has/does use...

> - on the same page and section this existed:
> The main branch in git is conventionally named master, whereas in this
> repository it is named trunk (due to the fact that it is derived from
> a subversion repository I believe). This is not a problem but if you
> would rather have it named master then cd into the gnucash directory
> and git branch -t master refs/remotes/origin/trunk git checkout
> master
> I  removed it as cloning the repository already sets you to branch
> master. would you like me to revert that change?
This is new. Last time I cloned the repository it still used trunk as default branch. But you are 
correct that this is no longer the case. A clean clone today checks out master as default branch.

So yes, this section can be removed now.

A word of advice: when saving your wiki edits, please motivate your changes in the summary. 
That helps the part-time moderators to estimate the correctness of your changes. For example 
in this case you could add a summary like "Obsolete section - git clone now uses master as 
default branch".

> Under the code section on the development page i appended:
> Note: The source code repository is changing from subversion to git.
> so it reads:
>    - We use Subversion <http://subversion.tigris.org/> as our primary
>    Version Control System. There is an official Git
> <http://git-scm.com/>mirror on
>    Github <https://github.com/Gnucash/Gnucash>. Detailed instructions
> for using each are provided on the
> Subversion<http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Subversion>page. This includes
> commit conventions--e.g. backporting conventions. Note:
>    The source code repository is changing from subversion to git.
> would you like me to revert this?
Your change was fairly ambiguous, though I suspect it just got reverted because it was part of 
your openmp edit. Another tip: make your edits atomic. The subversion/git edit had nothing to 
do with the openmp edit. But since you applied both changes in one commit it was difficult to 
revert only part of it.

You can add back a statement regarding our intended switch to git after the 2.6 release. But 
mention that timing as well then.

I hope that clears some part up.


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