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Re in English tutorial first: I think if you feel motivated right now for the German tutorial, just go ahead and describe all account types as of the to-be 2.6.0 version. This can subsequently be retranslated to the English tutorial.

Regards, Christian

Martin Mainka <internet at> schrieb:
>Am 20.11.2013 12:57, schrieb David Carlson:
>> On 11/20/2013 4:07 AM, Martin Mainka wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> i noticed while translating chapter "Accounts" if the tutorial guide
>>> German-language, that many account types (checking, trading,
>>> other assets, money-market...) are not available in German GnuCash
>>> 2.4.13. Are they obsolet, or are they coming in the new Version? If
>>> are coming, what would the Purpose of this types be?
>>> best regards
>>> Martin
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>> Good Question.  As a user rather than a developer I think there are
>> ways to view this issue.
>> One is that the list of account types (sub-types?) is a very short
>> that really only divides accounts into groups that get some sort of
>> unique handling somewhere in the program.  An easy example is Bank
>> Stock accounts are handled differently in the program.
>> The second is a slight expansion to include differentiation by usage
>> that may not really make any distinction in program behavior, but may
>> help users see their account structure more clearly and follow good
>> accounting practice more easily.
>> The tutorial guide seems to be written from the second perspective,
>> it does not mention any unique program behaviors for any of the
>> currently listed types.  The additional types that you found may
>> actually fall into the first category sometime in the future, but in
>> release 2.4.13 I think that they do not exist.  I personally would
>> to see them added.
>> I did notice that the drop-down list of types in the GnuCash Edit
>> Account dialog is sorted differently than the tutorial documentation
>> list.  That is a little distracting to me.  I would prefer changing
>> program rather than the documentation to resolve this point.  Should
>> create an enhancement bug report about this?
>> I hope that the release 2.6 documentation will ultimately address
>> views by including short descriptions of how the program treats the
>> various account (sub-) types differently.  That, however, is way
>> the scope of the current task at hand.
>> David C
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>For me it's not a big deal whether the entries are sorted or not. I'm
>interested whether account types that are not existent in the
>stable version should be removed from the guide, or this types should
>added (even as dummy) for future description of special
>treatment and design. No Problem for me to add a tag
>       <listitem>
>          <para><guilabel>XXXX</guilabel> for future usage...</para>
>        </listitem>
>another question would be if this should not be better done in English
>version first, or don't care and retranslate to English,
>since many people use the English Guide?
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