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Mon Oct 14 13:52:32 EDT 2013

Hi Robert,

Sorry to hear about your computer crash. I wish you good luck in restoring your working 

Based on your feedback I propose to disable the register2 work for now to get 2.6 out of the 
door as planned in December. I seem to remember you were rather careful to keep the register2 
code separate from the old code, so disabling should be a relatively simple matter, right ?

On which road is best for the new register, I can't really comment. I have no experience at all 
with cairo, nor with the current register's internals. So I can't estimate which path would be the 
easiest/fastest, and much less so which one would be the best in the long run.


On Sunday 13 October 2013 10:47:19 Robert Fewell wrote:
> Guy's, I have had a bit of a disaster with my PC recently, I
> accidentally deleted six VM hard disks by mistake which were on an
> XFS file system partition. I have tried various programs to recover
> them, each being 10G - 40G but to no avail and the backup I did have
> was way out of date to be of use, must remember to do more regular
> backups.
> As a result, I need to rebuild these VM's before I can continue with
> the changes but two of them are more important to me than the one I
> use to build GnuCash on so it will probably take a couple of weeks
> before I get going again.
> Obviously I will need to remember / redo all the changes I had lined
> up which included getting the scrollbar back to one, fixed the crash
> on exit and some others I had sorted out partly.
> John's email beat mine, I do not wish to delay the release and would
> be happy if the changes were pulled as I am not sure how long it
> would be to get an acceptable register2 update.
> I would also like to ask if people think this register2 update is the
> way to go, there is still a lot of work to be done but all the
> elements are there OR scrap it and go down the rewrite what is there
> with cairo calls replacing the canvas stuff. Not sure how much work
> that would be, may be quicker or simpler ?
> Regards,
>     Bob
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