Robert Fewell 14ubobit at
Sun Oct 13 05:47:19 EDT 2013

Guy's, I have had a bit of a disaster with my PC recently, I accidentally
deleted six VM hard disks by mistake which were on an XFS file system
partition. I have tried various programs to recover them, each being 10G -
40G but to no avail and the backup I did have was way out of date to be of
use, must remember to do more regular backups.

As a result, I need to rebuild these VM's before I can continue with the
changes but two of them are more important to me than the one I use to
build GnuCash on so it will probably take a couple of weeks before I get
going again.

Obviously I will need to remember / redo all the changes I had lined up
which included getting the scrollbar back to one, fixed the crash on exit
and some others I had sorted out partly.

John's email beat mine, I do not wish to delay the release and would be
happy if the changes were pulled as I am not sure how long it would be to
get an acceptable register2 update.

I would also like to ask if people think this register2 update is the way
to go, there is still a lot of work to be done but all the elements are
there OR scrap it and go down the rewrite what is there with cairo calls
replacing the canvas stuff. Not sure how much work that would be, may be
quicker or simpler ?



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