2.5.6: scheduled transactions created with no value

Graham Menhennitt graham at menhennitt.com.au
Wed Oct 16 05:53:59 EDT 2013

I'm using GnuCash 2.5.6 on FreeBSD 9-stable. I've used a few of the 2.5
builds and I've noticed this problem in 2.5.5 and 2.5.6. I'm fairly sure
that it didn't happen in 2.5.4 or earlier.

A number of my scheduled transactions are created with everything
correct (Date, Num, Description, Transfer etc.) except that there's
nothing in the value fields (Deposit and Withdrawal columns).

If I try to manually enter a value into the fields, the cursor gets
stuck in the transaction. I can move between the transaction's fields,
but I can't move to another transaction (either with the mouse or the

If I've opened the account in an old Register, the only way I can get
out is to close the account by clicking on the X in its tab. If I do, GC
says that I have pending changes and Discard/Cancel/Save. If I choose to
Save, when I reopen the account, the transaction has empty value fields
again - the value I entered has been lost.

In a Register2 window, when I try to leave the field, GC brings up a
Transfer Funds dialog with Transfer From: AUD (Australian Dollar),
Transfer To: template (template). If I cancel that dialog, I get another
one saying "Exchange Rate Canceled, using existing rate or default 1 to
1 rate if this is a new transaction". Pressing Close in that brings up
the original Transfer dialog again. Pressing Cancel in that brings up
Exchange Rate Canceled again. Finally, pressing Close in that gets me
back to the Register2 window. Now, I can leave the transaction, but it
asks if I want to save it. Saving the value now works correctly.

Looking at the transactions in the Scheduled Transactions Editor doesn't
show anything out of the ordinary.

As you may have guessed, I'm in Australia and all accounts are in AUD.
My data file is originally from 2.4. The Scheduled Transactions were
originally created in 2.4.

Is this a bug? Or do I need to do something to my Scheduled Transactions
to fix them?


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