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Christian Stimming christian at
Thu Oct 24 08:19:43 EDT 2013

Hi Martin,

thanks for your interest in contributing to the German translation.  
Our general explanations with respect to translations are here:

As for the "strange translations": I guess you encountered strings  
marked with the "#, fuzzy" marker line. As explained on the wiki page  
in this section:
Strings with "fuzzy" mark are not translated at all. The tools add a  
suggestion for the translations, but as long as the fuzzy mark is  
there, the translation will never appear anywhere in the program.

For further progress, please keep in mind to coordinate your work with  
the existing previous translator (for German: myself, Christian  
Stimming). If you have any questions, I suggest asking directly on the  
German-speaking mailing list gnucash-de at . Thanks a lot in  



Zitat von Martin Mainka <internet at>:

> Hi,
> I'm willing to do some translation work to German language. I tried out
> the de.po file with poedit. Is it possible that the translation got
> puzzled. I found several entries that don't match the translation (no
> strange translation but different topic). Please tell me what work is
> needed most.
> best regards
> Martin
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