Who's cross-compiling gnucash for Windows ?

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Sat Sep 7 12:05:28 EDT 2013

On Sep 7, 2013, at 1:43 AM, Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at telenet.be> wrote:

> On Thursday 05 September 2013 17:10:40 John Ralls wrote:
>> On Sep 5, 2013, at 2:07 PM, Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at telenet.be> 
> wrote:
>>> I'm currently reworking the build scripts on Windows. My goal is to
>>> leverage the work done by the mingw project to a maximum. In
>>> particular I'd like to use their installer (mingw-get) to simplify
>>> setting up an environment in which to build gnucash on Windows.
>>> mingw-get is not compatible with a cross-compilation environment
>>> however. So I was wondering how many people are actually building
>>> gnucash for Windows via a cross-compiler ?
>>> My current impression is that the cross-compilation set up has
>>> slowly
>>> been gathering dust. I may be wrong though. Hence the query...
>> Great! It would be nice to get it working with more recent versions of
>> MinGW.
>> Cross-compilation implies that it's on a system with working Python,
>> so one could use jhbuild... in which case, why use the rather clunky
>> shell scripts?
> There are Windows installers available for python (1). Is python really 
> the only missing piece to get jhbuild running on Windows ? If so that 
> would indeed be an opportunity to look into jhbuild instead of our own 
> scripts. I don't have enough experience with jhbuild though to spend my 
> time on this. I'd be more than interested to hear your findings if you 
> can play with it though!
> I assume that we would still need to set up a functional mingw 
> environment which is then used by jhbuild ?

Yes, there are, but the "official" python doesn't seem to get along well with
MinGW/MSys, so jhbuild doesn't work. I haven't tried ActiveState, and like you
I have other priorities, not to mention a general loathing of MSWin, that keep 
me from wanting to spend more than a couple of days a year on messing with it.

John Ralls

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