Gnucash 2.4.13 : Discrepancy in Dates

Barry Brokensha bbrokensha at
Tue Sep 10 05:31:25 EDT 2013

I am using Gnucash 2.4.13 with SQLite3 database. Using Price Editor if I
manually enter a price and date (user:price editor) for a "Fund", the date
shows on the front-end correctly as entered even if I close and re-open to
view this entry. If however I use an ODBC connection (with Access) to the
database and view the date in the PRICES Table for that entry, it is one
day *earlier* than that entered. If the Fund price is obtained using
Finance:Quote, the date shown in Price Editor and in the PRICES Table
(back-end) are the same. It is therefore possible via the back-end to get 2
prices for the same date where one is actually for the day before.
20130904220000 - date in PRICE table field "date"
2013-09-05 : date in user:price editor

Why this discrepancy? Am I missing something?

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