GnuCash OFX import not matching accounts of same ID

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Thu Sep 12 18:06:34 EDT 2013

I am jumping in awfully late.  I was on vacation and not reading and
> responding to all my e-mail.  Regarding OFX and multiple accounts, one
> of my banks concatenates transactions from several accounts into one OFX
> file and GnuCash imports all the transactions correctly, including
> transfers between accounts.  :)   That works very nicely and is a lot
> more convenient than other banks that only do one account at a time.  I
> could show you an example if you are interested.

Thanks for the input. Good to know that multiple-account activity is well
supported by OFX.
However, the main issue is that I thought OFX account IDs were matched to
GnuCash accounts.
They are not!

> I believe that multi-account activity is a cornerstone for OFX imports
> from brokerage accounts as well.
> As to the issue of multi-line splits, while the various releases of the
> OFX standard are devoid of examples, they do not explicitly forbid
> them.  I think they left room for development in that direction.
> GnuCash, in my opinion, could develop a 'variation' of OFX for Gnu-Cash
> for Android only that does support both of these issues.  Call it OFX
> 2.0.3.G(nuCash).

While this would be theoretically possible, I would rather not fork the OFX
Right now I am considering how QIF could fill in the gap here. Let's see
how that goes. :)

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