GnuCash OFX import not matching accounts of same ID

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 13 09:15:23 EDT 2013


Ngewi Fet <ngewif at> writes:

> At the moment I am trying to export QIF from the Android app. 
> GnuCash keeps asking for a "default" account name to import into and says the
> QIF file does not specify an account (4th page of the import wizard). 
> Here is an example QIF file content that I am currently generating :
> !Type:Cash
> D2013/9/11
> T-42.00
> LAssets:Current Assets:Petty Cash
> SExpenses:Charity
> E
> $42.00
> ^

This is... invalid.  The 'S' doesn't apply here, so would be ignored.
What you're saying is that you have a Cash transaction from the default
account to the expense category "Assets:Current Assets:Petty Cash".

> It is a double entry transaction and I expected the "Petty Cash" account to be
> automatically picked up as the starting account and "Charity" as the
> destination. But GnuCash does not seem to do so.

It's not a valid "double entry" transaction.  Keep in mind that QIF is
NOT double-entry.  It's single entry; there is always an "implied"
account, the "default account".  In the case of the above qif the
default account would be interpreted as the name of the file.  So if you
name the file "import.qif" GnuCash will assume the default account is
the QIF account "import".  From there you (the user) would have to map
"import" to some specific GnuCash account.

Now, there are ways to specify the default account within the QIF file,
as mentioned in another email, using the !Account tags.

> I even tried a variation of removing the acocunt information and putting the
> double entry as two splits, but it the prompt for a default account still
> shows.
> What am I doing wrong? How can I make GnuCash not ask for a default account
> each time? Or do I misunderstand how the import is supposed to work?

You're using single-account QIF when you want multi-account QIF.

> Thanks in advance
> Ngewi


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