Allowing the user to select the currency symbol

Derek Atkins derek at
Tue Sep 24 18:33:30 EDT 2013

On Tue, September 24, 2013 6:19 pm, Frédéric Perrin wrote:
> Hi Derek,
> Le mercredi 25 à 0:08, Derek Atkins a écrit :
>> If you're going to extend the Commodity Class then why not just put the
>> symbols into the default constructors in the iso-4217-currencies file?
>> Why put it into GConf?
> Which of Australian, Canadian, Zimbabwean dollar gets to use the "$"
> sign? It seems to me only the user knows which currency they mean with
> $, so attributing a symbol to a currency (beyond the locale one) should
> be a user decision.
> (I guess this is why only the locale currency gets a symbol in the
> current implementation)

Yes, indeed, that is the main reason.

Requiring people to input the symbols themselves is also something... "Not
Nice".  Users don't want to have to figure those things out.  Even worse,
GConf editing is really only simple on Linux, so you're leaving out users
of Mac and Windows.

> Fred


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