Translation problems with planned transactions schedule

Dmitry Pavlov zeldigas at
Sun Apr 13 04:48:53 EDT 2014

Hello, I have a suggestion that can help improve translation for some

So here is the problem: in src/gnome-utils/gtkbuilder/,
that describe a form for filling in transaction schedule, translation
string "Every" is used for all possible combination - for daily, weekly,
monthly frequency, i.e. "Every x days".
It sounds good for English, but is impossible to translate well in Russian,
because the correct tranlation depends on the numeric amount and the type
of frequence.

*As the minimum, but ok solution*, can you introduce translation prefix (as
described in Q_ macro) for every different frequence, like Weekly|Every?
Using this I can use not brilliant, but pretty good translation that would
sound good and not strange in Russian.
*As the best solution*, it would be great to update labels in dependence of
the amount in combo box and use the plurals feature of gettext.

Dmitry Pavlov

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