Translation problems with planned transactions schedule

Dmitry Pavlov zeldigas at
Tue Apr 15 10:18:03 EDT 2014

If I create branch from maint head and make necessary changes, can you
review them, if fits for current minimum libs version reqs. for gnucash?

2014-04-13 23:05 GMT+04:00 Dmitry Pavlov <zeldigas at>:

> If I get you right, you'd like to know what is the difference between
> using this context (or disambiguation prefixes) and plural functions. The
> main difference is dynamic UI updates. With plurals you need to update
> labels around the inputs on every change of spinbox or combobox. Even if
> that updates exists (now it seems to be a static label, that is set in
> .glade file) plurals still have problems, because correct "Every"
> translation depends on the frequency type.
> If we use only context, then for almost every value in input translation
> can fit well (exception can be singular form). But it would surely be more
> correct then now.
> So the ideal situation is a context to differentiate types + dynamic
> labels to format correct plural forms. But I'm afraid it would take a lot
> of work + editing "controlling" code, not just glade xml. I'm ready to edit
> xml file and provide a patch, but not ready to dig in c code to add dynamic
> labels.
> As for minimum Gtk version. I think it is 2.18, but not sure. That info i
> found here (,
> see "since" section for functions).
> Locally I test on ubuntu with the following installed package:
> libgtk2.0-dev ver. 2.24.10-0ubuntu6. gettext version is
> Pot file is generated well:
> #: ../src/gnome-utils/gtkbuilder/
> msgctxt "Daily"
> msgid "Every"
> msgstr ""
> I tried to add this to ru.po. Translated, make && make install, works fine.
> 2014-04-13 19:07 GMT+04:00 John Ralls <jralls at>:
>> On Apr 13, 2014, at 2:16 AM, Dmitry Pavlov <zeldigas at> wrote:
>> > I've found that to implement minimum solution, we can just add
>> > context="..." to glade translated labels. like this
>> > <property name="label" translatable="yes"
>> context="Daily">Every</property>
>> >
>> > This utilizes context lookup feature in gettext, instead of
>> disambiguation
>> > prefixes, but it seems working just fine.
>> >
>> > does anyone mind about such change?
>> >
>> Sounds good, how does it compare with using the plurals function?
>> Is there a mimimum Gtk version required?
>> Regards,
>> John Ralls
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> С уважением,
> Дмитрий Павлов

С уважением,
Дмитрий Павлов

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