Old bug cleanup

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Wed Apr 30 06:17:21 EDT 2014

On Tuesday 29 April 2014 18:22:19 Michalis Kamprianis wrote:
> Hi all,
> I started using GnuCash a couple of months ago, and I started working
> on some functionality that I need. Looking through the old bugs, as a
> method to get accustomed to the code and the concepts used (plus a
> way to brush up my poor coding skills and solve some minor existing
> issues), I noticed that several of them are either too old to make
> sense any more, or already resolved but not marked as such.
First of all thank you for your contributions so far. They are very much appreciated.

> My questions are:
> - What is the support policy of GnuCash? Which version is the oldest
> supported one, in which bugs should be resolved?
In principle bug fixes should go into 2.6.x. That's the oldest supported gnucash release series.

> - If I try to
> compile a list of already resolved bugs (and verify that they are
> resolved in latest 2.6.3 or master), will that help anybody to close
> them, so that we get a better understanding of what needs to be done?
Definitely! What you can do is to add your test result as a comment to the bug you're 
evaluating. For more recent bugs most developers will see those comments automatically as 
they are following the default assignees.

For older bugs this is not always the case because those used to be assigned to individual 
developers. To inform the developers (and other interested followers) of your progress it may 
be interesting the report your activities from time to time on the gnucash-devel list. Me or 
another developer can then take the needed actions.

I'm looking forward to your work :)


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