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Per Johansson per at johansson.name
Sat Aug 2 10:58:39 EDT 2014


I just joined this list. My first "contribution" was to point out that 
the Swedish translation file 
http://translationproject.org/PO-files/sv/gnucash-2.6.2.sv.po had not 
made it into the build.

I am mainly interested in the Swedish localisation. Specifically:

Adding sv_AX and sv_FI locales (I live in the sv_AX area)

Adding account plans for them (Probably translate the fi_FI account 
plans into Swedish)

Perhaps translate missing Swedish language texts.

CV: I work as a system developer at Crosskey Banking Solutions with 
Java, JSP, Struts, etc. I also program and do bookkeeping in my free 
time, and recently released a Firefox extension: 

Per Johansson
Johanssons Informationsteknik JOINT

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