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Hello all,

> What is the motivation for compiling everything as C++ if it's still
> really C and you have to wrap everything in extern "C" {} to get it
> to link, especially in gnome and register directories, which can't be
> converted to C++?

when I visited #gnucash the other day I heard about the plan to (slowly) move
to C++.

Although I'm aware that I do not have 'currency' to influence the switch, I'd
just like to give my 0.02hrk (1$ ~ 5.8hrk) and propose to (just) consider using
Go language instead.

Here is nice article explaining
about the reason to conceive the language which is solving some of the
performance problems encounted when building large C++ apps.

Moreover, it is meant to be easily approachable for the developers being
familiar with C (which is not really the case with C++) and we could say that
Go is kind of 'modern C'.

Not wanting to go deeper into any sort of argumentation being more than happy
that Gnucash is givne to me for free this is just attempt to my side in order
to provide some feedback to make GC even better developer-wise.


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