Account charts in Swedish

Per Johansson per at
Fri Aug 22 13:25:35 EDT 2014

I had a look at the /accounts files. There are two in fi_FI:

acctchrt_common.gnucash-xea is mainly a transation of the same file in 
acctchrt_ry.gnucash-xea is for businesses, made according to the Finnish 
bookkeeping law.

There is one in sv_SE
bas_2012.gnucash-xea is for businesses, made according to the Swedish 
BAS bookkeeping standard.

I think I will create the following files.

/accounts/sv/acctchrt_common.gnucash-xea translated from the same file 
in /accounts/C. It can be common for Sweden and Finland.

/accounts/sv_FI/acctchrt_rf.gnucash-xea translated from 

/accounts/sv_AX/acctchrt_rf.gnucash-xea same as above.

Also, I have read the documentation in
I suppose the xmlns declarations should be used? There are none in the 
files now.

Per Johansson

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