Report wrapper to call python scripts?

Christoph Holtermann c.holtermann at
Thu Dec 25 11:59:23 EST 2014

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Am 24.12.2014 um 10:20 schrieb Marcus Wellnitz:
> Hello Dimity,
> we discussed that at the german mailinglist more than once ;-)
> I have made solution wirth python-bindings and latex for my invoices and
> the output is much better.
> Actually I have a problem with the python-bindings (Error) but that's
> maybe only at my system.
> Texts are in german, sorry :-( so maybe It's not so helpful for you?
> Also Chistoph made his solution:
this is temporary. KVP-access via Python is not intended by the core developers. I just wanted
to access company data this way. I'm trying to get access by creating a company object in
Still needs a lot of work.

latex invoices using jinja2 templating system have been accepted for master. It's
which works fine for me.

And I hope to find some time to join Marcus and my approaches.

Marcus - why don't you create a fork of gnucash ? I think that way it would
be easier to compare our versions of files like

Or is it maybe possible in git to have a fork of just one directory ? Maybe the
example-scripts directory ? Or is it even possible to just link in one file ?
> As time is limited it's impossible for us to improve or even merge our
> solutions but if the gnucash core-team will support any new solution we
> will participate in that project.
> I wish you a happy christmas
> Marcus
regards and
merry christmas

> Am 24.12.2014 um 10:22 schrieb Dmitry Pavlov:
> > A brief search through list did not bring any results, so I decided to
> > start a new one.
> > First of all: no offence but most gnucash reports are poorly implemented.
> > It's not because they useless or looks not pretty (most of them are useful
> > and good, calm down :)) . The reason is that a model (i.e. data of the
> > report) is completely messed up with the view (html tags) in report
> > generation code + html creation tag by tag is really outdated now, there
> > are more proper tools like templates for that.
> > Of course it's a really huge work to rewrite that completely in more
> > model-view style or rewrite that in different language.
> > So I have idea: Gnucash already have an infrustructure of invoking scheme
> > reports, saving settings, etc.
> > What about implementing some "wrapper" report that can just invoke some
> > script (for example that use python bindings). In it's settings we can
> > point to specific script and all guile invocation would just
> > 1. include execution of that script with passing parameters from options
> > 2. grab output that is supposed to be report content (html for now) and
> > include that as it's own result
> > In that case we can have one more language to implement reports, because
> > scheme is not so popular now, and many people find it not so easy to use,
> > especially when we are talking about reporting :)
> > I'm not sure that I can implement all that stuff myself, but if someone
> > find that idea good enough I'll be glad to discuss that and collaborate to
> > implement that wrapper script.

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