Python Bindings for Windows

Christian Stimming christian at
Mon Feb 3 14:39:33 EST 2014

Am Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014, 13:46:37 schrieb rayalan:
> What is the expectation for Python bindings on Windows for GnuCash 2.6.1?
> From what I've pieced together, they are 'expected' to work if someone wants
> to build Windows with them. But after quite a bit of work getting them to
> build for Windows (see my documentation here

Yeah, sounds like a whole lot of work. Thanks for writing up the steps that 
were needed so far.

> Now that they build, I'm finding that when I import them, Python crashes.
> From the event log, the problem is in libglib-2.0-0.dll (gnome) with an
> unknown application error (0x40000015).

Isn't the "no schemas found" error already a reason for the crash? This can be 
tested by normal gnucash easily: Install in a separate prefix and remove the 
schemas before start. IIRC.

> So a couple questions:
> - Are people running the Python bindings under Windows?

Not that we know of, but this you might have guessed by now. Sorry for that.

> - Are there known problems with gnome and gnucash? (Google says unknown
> application error and gnome aren't exactly strangers.)

No, I don't know of remaining fundamental problems with gnome, gnucash and 
win32 (or what was the question). Surely there might be problems, and bugzilla 
knows of many crashing bugs of gtk/gnome on windows, but in gnucash we usually 
are not affected by them anymore.

> - Any tips for forward progress who are more familiar with
> gnome/gnucash/Python bindings? Builds are pretty slow on my computer (I
> didn't think it was that out of date), so configuration changes tend to be
> particularly expensive.

Unfortunately I also don't have any useful advice here. Except that I must 
confirm that the build is really slow in a Windows/mingw environment. Building 
gnucash in a cross-compiler on a Linux host is surprisingly fast in 
comparison. If you need any hints for setting up a cross-compiler with Ubuntu 
Linux as host, feel free to ask - but this was done without any python, too.



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