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> On 1/7/2014 12:11 AM, David wrote:
>> John,
>> I began looking through these bugs. The first covers documentation for GnuCash 1.7, and is assigned to Chris Lyttle. I don't recognize the name; would someone take a look at the bug ( and see whether it can be closed, as I believe it probably could?
> I think that either there was documentation added for the use of trading
> accounts or maybe I am remembering the thorough documentation that
> justified their existence when they were created.  In either case, I
> would conclude that this bug could be closed. 
> If anyone wants further details, they are definitely free to ask. 
> I am still mulling over some bugs that I have started and I am not ready
> to work on others until I have polished those up in the light of recent
> suggestions and re-submitted them.
> I want to congratulate the developers on their great efforts in the last
> quarter of 2013.  I also want to note that when a lot of work is done,
> as there was in the process of releasing 2.6.0, there is an increased
> probability that some bugs will slip through. The only way to avoid all
> mistakes is to do nothing at all.

Chris Lyttle wrote most of the documentation 12 years ago. He hasn't been around for a few years.

It appears that his original intent on that bug was to write a chapter on Forex trading. I agree with a later comment by Bengt Thuree that from GnuCash's perspective there's no difference between Forex trading and speculative stock trading, so I've closed 98292 as obsolete.

Trading accounts is another matter entirely, and also another bug: . I'm not satisfied with the documentation of trading accounts, so IMO that one should stay open.

John Ralls

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