Building on Windows from scratch

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Jan 7 13:16:15 EST 2014

Gary Bilkus <mail at> writes:

> UPDATE......The problem with the modules appears to be a slight
> red-herring to do with having 2.6 around.If I build what seems to be
> 2.5.something based on the git repository from geert, with all the
> changes I've mentioned, I can now get gnucash to compile and run ( at
> least as far as letting me see an account list - i haven't tested
> further ).However, if I try to build 2.6 from the distributed source,
> I get the module location problems above and it bombs out.

It does not surprise me at all that you cannot build on Windows from the
tarball.  What if you use the 2.6 (trunk) git branch?

> For some reason, the 2.5 version seems to take ages ( almost a minute
> ) to load the qif guile module.
> I shall run some tests to confirm the program is really working and
> let people know.
> It would obviously be useful to capture what I've learned in a more
> structured way than having people read the entire thread. Should I
> update the wiki article on building from Windows? Can I safely point
> that article to geerts repository at least for the time being?

Please do.

> Gary

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