Building on Windows from scratch

Gary Bilkus mail at
Tue Jan 7 14:29:49 EST 2014

On 07/01/2014 18:16, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Gary Bilkus <mail at> writes:
>> UPDATE......The problem with the modules appears to be a slight
>> red-herring to do with having 2.6 around.If I build what seems to be
>> 2.5.something based on the git repository from geert, with all the
>> changes I've mentioned, I can now get gnucash to compile and run ( at
>> least as far as letting me see an account list - i haven't tested
>> further ).However, if I try to build 2.6 from the distributed source,
>> I get the module location problems above and it bombs out.
> It does not surprise me at all that you cannot build on Windows from the
> tarball.  What if you use the 2.6 (trunk) git branch?
>> For some reason, the 2.5 version seems to take ages ( almost a minute
>> ) to load the qif guile module.
>> I shall run some tests to confirm the program is really working and
>> let people know.
>> It would obviously be useful to capture what I've learned in a more
>> structured way than having people read the entire thread. Should I
>> update the wiki article on building from Windows? Can I safely point
>> that article to geerts repository at least for the time being?
> Please do.
>> Gary
> -derek
Actually, by starting again from scratch and being really careful, I 
have managed to build 2.6.0 as distributed and got it working.  I will 
write up exactly what I did on the wiki and notify the group when I've 
finished. Hopefully, the various changes to the contents of 
packaging/win32 which are needed to make work with the current 
versions of the third-party software can be incorporated into the source.

Thanks to everyone, and Geert in particular, for the help I needed.

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