Building on Windows from scratch - SUCCESS

Gary Bilkus mail at
Wed Jan 8 10:07:12 EST 2014

I have written up the procedure which as of today is working to build 
gnucash 2.6 from scratch on windows and updated

It would be really nice if the patch file I have created along with my 
modified version of geert's vbs file could find their way into the 
official repo.
It should be safe enough as all the changes are to the win32 directory 
except for two, which I'm reasonably confident won't break anything else:
- now deals with the -no-undefined flag more cleverly
- gnc-split-reg.h has a couple of #undef statements added to avoid 
DELETE and DUPLICATE being defined in windows headers.

It probably also makes sense for the page to be split up again, and some 
of the older information moved away, but it would be good to get some 
feedback from people who try following the instructions.

I've done my best to ensure that there are no ambiguities or misprints, 
and the entire process has worked for me, but feel free to fix any 
errors, or tell me of any changes I can/should make to the zip file I've 

Please note that I haven't extensively tested all the features of the 
program. There could be some issues with the build which don't 
immediately manifest themselves......but at least it runs.

Also, I haven't yet tried packaging the app into an msi or installable exe


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