Python bindings: patch, documentation, examples

Tom Lofts dev at
Tue Jan 14 01:25:16 EST 2014

Hi Henning,

 > * Are there any other known/major users of the Python bindings?
 > * Who is maintaining the Python bindings and is there any roadmap to
 > improve them?

While not a major user of the Python bindings I've contributed a few 
minor fixes and enhancements so far which are visiable in recent commits 

Primarily, I've been looking to create a REST API for Gnucash using the 
Python bindings in order to provide a standard way of interfacing with 
Gnucash across various languages.

My initial development is at 
and I have some additional improvements I'm working on at the moment 
which isn't ready for public release, but I'd be happy to share with you 
if you wish.

I'm focusing primarily on providing access to the business functions 
(creating and editing customers and, creating, editing, posting and 
paying invoices) as these are the areas I use most but this should also 
cover working with transactions and splits.

If you have any queries about my development please let me know or feel 
free to email me directly if you don't think it would benefit including 
the list.

Kind regards,


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