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Tue Jan 14 15:53:40 EST 2014

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thanks for all the answers and insights I got from your mails --- what I
got out of it:

* Sadly no core developer seems to be using the Python bindings :-(
* There are some guys actively using it for their needs.
* Python seems to bring compatibility issues for Win/Mac (personally I'm
more and more getting an Open Source "Nazi", but I'm sure Win/Mac should
be no problem if someone invests time)
* Core C/C++ API will mostly stay stable, so Python bindings will/should
be maintainable for the future

I hope to at least gather/contact the people interested in Python
bindings and bring it forward :-)

Let's see how much spare time I have next weekend...

- - Henning

Am 14.01.2014 07:25, schrieb Tom Lofts:
> Hi Henning,
> > * Are there any other known/major users of the Python bindings?
> > * Who is maintaining the Python bindings and is there any roadmap to
> > improve them?
> While not a major user of the Python bindings I've contributed a few
minor fixes and enhancements so far which are visiable in recent commits
> Primarily, I've been looking to create a REST API for Gnucash using
the Python bindings in order to provide a standard way of interfacing
with Gnucash across various languages.
> My initial development is at
and I have some additional improvements I'm working on at the moment
which isn't ready for public release, but I'd be happy to share with you
if you wish.
> I'm focusing primarily on providing access to the business functions
(creating and editing customers and, creating, editing, posting and
paying invoices) as these are the areas I use most but this should also
cover working with transactions and splits.
> If you have any queries about my development please let me know or
feel free to email me directly if you don't think it would benefit
including the list.
> Kind regards,
> Tom

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