Building on Windows from scratch - guile problem SOLVED

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Thu Jan 16 08:23:36 EST 2014

On Thursday 16 January 2014 12:14:49 Gary Bilkus wrote:
> So just to make sure I understand exactly what you need.
> 1. I should get the gnucash.git repository from
> git://
> 2. I should git branch -t mingw origin/mingw-rebasing and check out
> that branch
> 3. I should appy my patches to that branch - ignoring any which are
> already there
> 4. I should run git diff to get a series of patches against the branch
> in the repository
> 5. I should split the resulting diff into different files relating to
> the different fixes
> 6. I should post the result somewhere and tell you where it is
> Gary


That's close. But git's workflow is slightly different:

1 and 2 are correct

3. Apply your patches and ignore those that are already there is also correct. Then before 
committing anything it's worth considering which changes logically belong together and check 
these changes in in separate commits. 'git add -i' will be tremendously helpful for this part 
(adding changes into the index interactively).

4. Each time you have added a coherent set of changes to the index file, you can create a (local) 
commit using 'git commit'. You may want to use clear commit messages in this step as they will 
eventually end up in the master repository. You can look at my commits for examples but 
they're only that not hard rules. I suggest though that you explicitly add an author line in your 
commit message. Since we're still linked to the svn repo, git's author information gets lost for 
non-committers when we commit to the master repository. This line is in the form:
Author: name <email>

5. When there are no more changes to commit, you can run 'git format-patch' to generate a 
series of patch files like so:
git format-patch origin/mingw-rebasing
That should generate the patch files in the current working directory.

6. The normal way to make these patches available to me is to create an enhancement request 
in bugzilla and attach the patches there. But in this case I'm equally fine if you post them to the 
list or tell me where you stored them on your own server or whatever.


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