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Daniel Espinosa esodan at
Thu Jan 16 17:36:08 EST 2014

Hi all,

I think I'm the crazy guy trying to re-write GnuCash to use GDA.

Now I'm one of the maintainers of GDA on GObject Introspection and Vala
bindings support, but patch some things here and there when possible.

May be is time you consider to use GDA, it has a current Debian version and
well supported on other distros, at 5.0 and recently released 5.2.2 waiting
some one to package and that and regularly happens.

Hope when you say to move away from Gtk you don't mean from GLIb/GObject,
because that is a hard dependency of GDA.

GDA has a C++ bindings if that helps you [1].

GDA has lots of features, including transactions, SQL parsing, multiple
connections to different databases and more. I would like to know what
features you require in order to check its availability. Please check C [2]
and C++ [3] documentation

I've written a (hope to be) a Vala library in GDA source code, to try make
more easy to access a database, may be close to QOF. It provides a
C/GObject interface too, because Vala. May be you can test Vala Extensions
and GDA.

Vala bindings and Vala Extensions, can be used from C with no problem. It's
a candy to use GDA from Vala and Vala Extensions [4]

May I can help you in some way. I'm a C/Vala guy now, then for GDA bindings
C++ support, contact Murray Cumming.


2014/1/13 Derek Atkins <warlord at>

> Sébastien Villemot <sebastien at> writes:
> > Concerning the time_t issue, I could carry a Debian-specific patch if
> > that change was not modifying the ABI (but I guess it does on 32-bit
> > archs). And anyways that would not fix the issue for other GNU/Linux
> > distributions. I could however add my voice to convince libdbi
> > developers. Is there a bug report to track this issue?
> Unfortunately that doesn't help us; we'd have to find people on every
> Linux distribution to maintain that patch, and we would have to somehow
> test for it to make sure it was working right.  :-(
> -derek
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