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John Ralls jralls at
Thu Jan 16 18:42:40 EST 2014

On Jan 16, 2014, at 2:36 PM, Daniel Espinosa <esodan at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I think I'm the crazy guy trying to re-write GnuCash to use GDA.
> Now I'm one of the maintainers of GDA on GObject Introspection and Vala
> bindings support, but patch some things here and there when possible.
> May be is time you consider to use GDA, it has a current Debian version and
> well supported on other distros, at 5.0 and recently released 5.2.2 waiting
> some one to package and that and regularly happens.
> Hope when you say to move away from Gtk you don't mean from GLIb/GObject,
> because that is a hard dependency of GDA.
> GDA has a C++ bindings if that helps you [1].
> GDA has lots of features, including transactions, SQL parsing, multiple
> connections to different databases and more. I would like to know what
> features you require in order to check its availability. Please check C [2]
> and C++ [3] documentation
> I've written a (hope to be) a Vala library in GDA source code, to try make
> more easy to access a database, may be close to QOF. It provides a
> C/GObject interface too, because Vala. May be you can test Vala Extensions
> and GDA.
> Vala bindings and Vala Extensions, can be used from C with no problem. It's
> a candy to use GDA from Vala and Vala Extensions [4]
> May I can help you in some way. I'm a C/Vala guy now, then for GDA bindings
> C++ support, contact Murray Cumming.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

Nope, not just Gtk, GLib and especially GObject. Vala is right out. Sorry.

John Ralls

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