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Hi Derek,

On 1/25/2014 1:02 AM, Derek Atkins wrote:
>> I presume that what Derek suggested should supply the necessary 
>> packages in order to build it from source. Main issue is that on 
>> Debian/Squeeze I have gnucash 2.2.9 and the 'build-dep' does not
>> cover the dependencies on glib and the like (tried and failed).
> If your system is so old that it only supplies 2.2.9 then it is
> probably so old that it does not provide the necessary dependencies
> to build 2.6.
> You will need to upgrade your system.

Uhm, I'm not particularly happy about upgrading my system as of now. I
use it for work and I do not have the time to check whether it will
break anything I'm relying upon.

Sure though I could install a separate VM with a more up-to-date
system... that is certainly a possibility.

> In the interim you can *TRY* building the 2.4 branch, but I suspect
> you wont be able to build 2.6.

That is another possibility. It may require some additional work when
it will be time to merge it with 2.6. I'm checking your development
process ( in order to
be compliant with your conventions.

I also noted that with the server migration there won't be any 'svn'
access anymore unless required. I'm not particularly familiar with git
but I guess I can figure that out.


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