Getting tax percentage using python bindings 2.6.0

Bas ten Berge bas.ten.berge+gnucash at
Sun Jan 26 07:29:54 EST 2014


I'm building an application that uses data stored by gnucash. The
application is build on the python bindings. I'm extracting a subset of the
attributes of invoices and related entries but I cannot find a way to
extract the VAT value. The data I'm working on contains only percentages. I
can get the amount and the TaxTable but other operations fail with this

TypeError: in method 'gncTaxTableEntryGetAmount', argument 1 of type
'GncTaxTableEntry const *'
Here's the calls I'm using:
    import pprint
    tt ='HOOG')

I expected a TaxTable to consist of multiple TaxTableEntries, but this is
what I get when I retrieve the entries using tt.GetEntries():
[<gnucash.gnucash_core_c._gnc_monetary; proxy of <Swig Object of type
'_gnc_monetary *' at 0xb491a3c8> >]

What is the correct way of getting the VAT value? I really wouldn't like to
resort to a calculation.

Thanks, Bas

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