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Wed Jan 29 17:56:07 EST 2014

Note that you won't get GUIDs from the xea files. GnuCash, when it sees the "new" keyword generates a new GUID for the accounts. This way every account tree is unique. 

The only way to get the GnuCash account GUIDs is to read in the actual data file.


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Thanks for the input Frank. 
It's not really much effort for me since the functionality for importing the files is already there. I just need to copy the account structure files over. 

Also, upon first launch of the app, users have the option to create some default accounts. I might as well just create a proper GnuCash tree there. This would match the desktop accounts right down to the account IDs and may spare the work of exporting your account structure and importing it again. 


> On 29.01.2014, at 20:23, "Frank H. Ellenberger" <frank.h.ellenberger at> wrote:
> Hi Ngewi,
> Am 29.01.2014 14:05, schrieb Ngewi Fet:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am working on generating the default GnuCash account structure in the
>> Android app without having to export from desktop and then import. For this
>> to happen, I need the account structure file for different locales.
> :
> I am not shure that is worth the effort. From what I saw, most common
> templates are a plain translation of C. Their translators were not brave
> enough to do a real localization. So the users still needs to adjust
> them. And that is likely easier done in GnuCash. Eventually you should
> inform them in some way about this?
> OTOH it might be a good fallback, if the user didn't use GnuCash before
> or with to use the app with another program.
>> Ngewi Fet
>> PS: Please reply to the list not me directly so that anyone else from your
>> local who was thinking of doing the same can spare themselves some effort.
> Just my 2¢
> Frank

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