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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 30 10:58:54 EDT 2014


"Michalis Kamprianis" <michalis at> writes:

>    Hi all,
>    I have noticed that there is no VAT number field in any owner
>    (employee, customer, vendor).
>    Since this field is rather mandatory in the EU, (and it should probably
>    be included in several reports and of course  invoices), I was thinking
>    of adding it, and creating the appropriate functions.
>    Is there a reason that it's not there, or is it just that nobody coded
>    it yet?

The main reason is that the fields aren't simply extensible.  However
you could easily re-use one of the existing fields for the VAT ID, like
the 4th row of the address, or perhaps the website field.

>    Kind regards
>    Michalis

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