VAT field

Michalis Kamprianis michalis at
Mon Jun 30 16:54:33 EDT 2014

   Thank you Derek for the reply
   that was my initial approach, to use one of the address fields, but
   it's only for storage, it can not be retrieved for use in the invoice
   If there is a way and I missed it,  I would really appreciate a pointer

   Or maybe it would be better to just add a function
   in engine/business-core.scm to just return address fields individually
   (in addition to the one that returns the whole Address structure)?

   Thanks and regards

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   "Michalis Kamprianis" <michalis at> writes:
   > Hi all,
   > I have noticed that there is no VAT number field in any owner
   > (employee, customer, vendor).
   > Since this field is rather mandatory in the EU, (and it should
   > be included in several reports and of course invoices), I was
   > of adding it, and creating the appropriate functions.
   > Is there a reason that it's not there, or is it just that nobody
   > it yet?
   The main reason is that the fields aren't simply extensible. However
   you could easily re-use one of the existing fields for the VAT ID, like
   the 4th row of the address, or perhaps the website field.
   > Kind regards
   > Michalis
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