Trying to build gnucash on Mac 2.9.2 using jhbuild: help?

John Ralls jralls at
Wed Mar 5 00:08:32 EST 2014

On Mar 4, 2014, at 6:53 PM, Jeff Earickson <jaearick at> wrote:

> John,
> I gave it major effort tonight.  In the first round, I reran, reran jhbuild (failed), selected "wipe directory and clean", retried (failed again).
> In round 2, I removed everything related to gnucash/jhbuild from my home directory (.jhbuild* files, gtk*, Source, .local, gnucash-stable, .subversion) and started from scratch: download, download new .jhbuildrc-custom, follow the instructions on the wiki from the beginning.  Same error in Webkit, see attached.  I wondered what "pull the latest gnucash-on-mac" meant; I thought starting from scratch would do that anyway.

There are two repositories involved: and The latter has the moduleset and .jhbuildrc-custom specific to building GnuCash.  I'd forgotten that the .jhbuildrc-custom there uses the gnucash.modules directly from the repo, so you're OK, there's nothing more to download.

The supposed fix for the webkit problem isn't working, though. It's supposed to add -stdlib=libstdc++ to the CXXFLAGS. If you know your way around configure well enough you can try adding it by hand; otherwise I won't have time to look at it again until Thursday.

John Ralls

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