MacOSX: how to rebuild after source code change

John Ralls jralls at
Wed Mar 5 22:50:51 EST 2014

On Mar 5, 2014, at 6:22 PM, Jeff Earickson <jaearick at> wrote:

> Hi,
> After I successfully got jhbuild to work on my Mac, I want to experiment
> with source code changes.
> So I modified line 622 of
> ~/gtk/source/gnucash-2.6.2/src/app-utils/gnc-ui-util.c to change the
> reconciled flag from 'y' to 'Z', then wanted to rebuild.  So I tried
> "jhbuild build" again (no change),
> "make" from ~/gtk/source/gnucash-2.6.2 ("glib-compile-schemas: command not
> found").  I know this is something simple, what's the trick?

If you want to work on the code:
* Use git rather than a tarball as the source, even if you don't plan to contribute your changes back to the project, using a VCS is a good way to keep track of what you've done and since git is a distributed VCS you have repo in your working directory. No hassles with setting up a server somewhere. The simple way to do that is to change your .jhbuildrc-custom to build the "gnucash-git" module instead of "gnucash".

* Rather than re-running jhbuild build, run jhbuild shell, cd to your build directory, and run make && make install from there.

It appears that either something went wrong with your path or you managed to uninstall glib-compile-schemas. I'm sure you know how to figure that out. Again, jhbuild shell will duplicate the environment of jhbuild build and allow you to probe what happened without having to wait for the build to error out so that you can select "4".

John Ralls

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