build gnucash-git woes with Mac OS, Xcode 5.1

Jeff Earickson jaearick at
Sun Mar 16 11:37:20 EDT 2014

John et al,

I upgraded Xcode on my Mac (10.9.2) to Xcode 5.1 this week (gcc 4.2.1), and
I have tried a total-start-from-scratch build of gnucash-git.  My woes with

* ~/gtk/source/webkit-1.6.1/ is missing "-stdlibc=libstdc++"
on line 120. (previously reported, and I know how to work around this).

* guile 1.8.8 hangs forever trying to create a texi file in libguile.  To
reproduce, I can do by hand:

$ pwd

$ cat *.doc | GUILE="/Users/jaearick/gtk/source/guile-1.8.8/pre-inst-guile"
ERROR: Unbound variable: define  (hangs forever)

The problem lies in the snarf-check-and-output-texi script, but I have no
idea what this does.  I tried to fake out this portion of the build by
simply doing "cat *.doc > guile-procedures.texi", which will get the rest
of guile to build, with a bogus texi file.

* The build of gnucash-git did not like my fakery with guile, because it
will then hang during the configure for gnucash:

checking for GUILE... yes
checking for guile... /Users/jaearick/gnucash-git/bin/guile
checking for guile-config... /Users/jaearick/gnucash-git/bin/guile-config
checking for guile-tools... /Users/jaearick/gnucash-git/bin/guile-tools
checking if (www main) is available... (hangs forever)

^C*** Error during phase configure of gnucash-git: ########## Error running
./ && ./configure --prefix /Users/jaearick/gnucash-git --libdir
'/Users/jaearick/gnucash-git/lib' --enable-ofx --enable-aqbanking
--enable-binreloc --enable-dbi --with-html-engine="webkit"  *** [62/62]

Any ideas please?


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