Python bindings: Account.getName() raises TypeError

David Osguthorpe david.osguthorpe at
Sun Mar 16 19:23:17 EDT 2014

On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 11:04:59PM +0100, Felix Schwarz wrote:
> > 
> > but then theres another error
> Actually your change resolves the problem for me :-)

OK - yes - I think my error came because the existing book I used did not
have any of the default accounts defined

> On a second run I get 'ERR_FILEIO_BACKUP_ERROR' because the target backup file
> already exists but that seems to be trivial to work around.
> Well, I guess I'll start updating all my scripts with the above change.
> However it might be that there is a second bug as the swig definition is
> displayed differently from gnucash's definiton when it comes to "const Account
> *account" vs. 'Account const *'.

I dont think swig cares about this - all the info into swig comes from Account.h
but if you look at _wrap_xaccAccountGetName in gnucash_core.c it does indeed call
with (Account const *)

- the error you saw came from a few lines above which is checking the python type
of the incoming argument (SWIG_exception_fail) - which has nothing to do with the


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