build gnucash-git woes with Mac OS, Xcode 5.1

John Ralls jralls at
Sun Mar 16 22:50:44 EDT 2014

On Mar 16, 2014, at 5:05 PM, Jeff Earickson <jaearick at> wrote:

> John,
> Can you tell me what version of XCode you have installed?  5.0.2?  version of gcc? (Xcode 5.1 gives you 4.2.1 with clang = clang-503.0.38).  If you have not upgraded to XCode 5.1 (5B130a), then I suggest avoiding it.   Aarrgh.... I just discovered that gdb is not available in Xcode with Mavericks.
> This issue of hanging at guile-procedures.texi seems to be known, see:
> This URL didn't give me any real insight, except that others have seen it even with 2.x of guile.
> I tried various permutations of dropping into the jhbuild shell at failure, rerunning .configure with "--enable-guile-debug" (that gave other compiler errors), configure with "--without-threads" (suggested by the URL above, no help); trying to fiddle with CFLAGS in the Makefile to change compiler options, even in the libguile subdir where guile is built -- no love.  The compiler flags "-g -O' did not change its behavior.
> I also downloaded guile-2.0.9, and wedged it into gtk/source like so:
> bash-3.2$ ls -ld guile*
> lrwxr-xr-x   1 jaearick  staff    11 Mar 16 19:27 guile-1.8.8 -> guile-2.0.9
> drwxr-xr-x  45 jaearick  staff  1530 Mar 16 19:40 guile-1.8.8.last
> drwxr-xr-x@ 49 jaearick  staff  1666 Mar 16 19:41 guile-2.0.9
> then "jhbuild build".  It says "configure: error: GNU libunistring is required, please install it."  So, I'm stuck for he moment.

Both of my machines have upgraded to Xcode 5.1 already.

If you want an older version you can get a free developer account from Apple and download an older version of Xcode from

Xcode 4 and 5 have no gcc, only llvm, but Xcode 4 has a compatibility front end, llvm-gcc. Apparently llvm 3 rolled this into clang so that gcc is a link to clang, and if arg[0] is 'gcc' it runs in gcc compatibility mode.

I'm busy with a Gramps problem ATM and won't have time to look at this until later next week.

John Ralls

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