gnucash wiki - overall table of contents

Christian Stimming christian at
Thu Mar 27 15:53:07 EDT 2014

Am Dienstag, 25. März 2014, 11:32:57 schrieb Alex Aycinena:
> > A wiki it typically not hierarchical and meant to be a bunch of pages
> > loosely linked together. Search is the main method to get around.

I can confirm this once more: Our wiki implementation, MediaWiki, is 
particularly bad in structuring the whole lot of pages that exist. Instead, 
the only useful way of navigating around is the search function, indeed.

There are other wiki implementations around, such as plone, which enfore a 
usable structure on the content, which enables things such as meaningful site 
maps and/or table of contents. But not with the MediaWiki that we're using - 


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