Using a Networked Drive with Ubuntu for GnuCash Data

Dave H hellvee at
Thu Mar 27 23:22:59 EDT 2014

Perhaps you need to check out mounting network drives in Ubuntu - search
for "mount network drive in ubuntu" for lots of answers.

Once you have it mounted you should be able to run GnuCash on Ubuntu and
then do a file open and browse to the network drive I would think ?

Cheers dave H.

On 28 March 2014 04:42, Rik Hess <rikhess at> wrote:

>    I am in the process of trying to move from an XP environment to Ubuntu
>    and I am having trouble with GnuCash.
>    I use a home network and I store all my data on a network drive so it
>    is available for all my devices.
>    GnuCash works great with the network drive in XP. The network device
>    folder is mapped as a drive letter.
>    When I try to start GnuCash in Ubuntu, it appears my only option for
>    storing my Gnu Data is on the local PC.
>    I am a complete noob, so if I'm missing something please point me in
>    the right direction.
>    Thank you.
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