Using a Networked Drive with Ubuntu for GnuCash Data

Dmitry Pavlov zeldigas at
Thu Mar 27 23:59:52 EDT 2014

The problem is that gnucash does not see gvfs volumes (in file selection
dialog) and it is not trivial at first glance to open file on network
mount,  but you can fix it with symbolic links.
1. In file manager open a network mount you should ensure that in file
manager you can see your gnucash file
2. Then go to your home folder and press ctrl+h it will show you hidden
3. Go to folder .gvfs there you will see your network share as a folder
with name "share name on machine" (at least similar to it)
4. Open this folder and go to the directory where your file is located
5. Press ctrl+L and copy the folder address from the address bar
6. Open terminal and enter command
ln -s "$src" ~/gnucash-dir
Where $src is location that you've copied on step 5.
This will create a link in your home folder that will look like a folder in
file manager when your share is attached.
7. In gnucash open file selection dialog and go to your home folder you
should be able to see this new "directory", open it and select your gnucash

This solution works for me quite well, just make sure your share is opened
(visible in file manager as attached) or gnucash will tell you that he
can't find a file.
As an alternative you can try press ctrl+h in gnucash file selection dialog
and directly open your file under .gvfs dir
28.03.2014 7:23 пользователь "Dave H" <hellvee at> написал:

> Perhaps you need to check out mounting network drives in Ubuntu - search
> for "mount network drive in ubuntu" for lots of answers.
> Once you have it mounted you should be able to run GnuCash on Ubuntu and
> then do a file open and browse to the network drive I would think ?
> Cheers dave H.
> On 28 March 2014 04:42, Rik Hess <rikhess at> wrote:
> >    I am in the process of trying to move from an XP environment to Ubuntu
> >    and I am having trouble with GnuCash.
> >    I use a home network and I store all my data on a network drive so it
> >    is available for all my devices.
> >    GnuCash works great with the network drive in XP. The network device
> >    folder is mapped as a drive letter.
> >    When I try to start GnuCash in Ubuntu, it appears my only option for
> >    storing my Gnu Data is on the local PC.
> >    I am a complete noob, so if I'm missing something please point me in
> >    the right direction.
> >    Thank you.
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