Geting GnuCash to Recognise Localised tax report for UK

Herbert Thoma herbert.thoma at
Thu May 22 10:26:21 EDT 2014

Am 22.05.2014 16:11, schrieb Derek Atkins:
> Clint Redwood <clint at> writes:
>> Hi Derek,
>> Good point - but what would your localisation setup be in that case? Ideally
>> you'd want en_DE, which I presume doesn't usually exist?
> I have no idea what locale I would want.  Most likely I'd have to use
> en_UK because, as you suggest, en_DE probably doesn't exist.  (I haven't
> actually tested that to be sure, but I would suspect it doesn't exist).

Well, that would get you British Pound as default currency. May be you
would want en_IE. Then you would get the EURO, as this is the currency in

But John already proposed a better solution: LANG=en_US and LC_MONETARY=de_DE

Could it be possible that one has to do tax declarations for multiple
countries? If you move? May be then the tax report should not be coupled
to a locale at all? Or only the default selection but reports for other
countries are somehow available?


>> You could set the tax jurisdition as a separate core option, or I guess you
>> could base it on the default report currency for the instance.
>> This is sufficiently important for me to try and figure out and fix in the
>> next few months, since I really can't be bothered doing all my tax returns
>> manually every year.
> I'm sure people on this list would be happy to be a sounding board for you.
>> Yours,
>> Clint Redwood
> -derek

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