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> Ooops!  I meant to send this to the list.
> Marc
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> All in all it sounds like it would be a lot more work that I am really up to at this time.  Of course, learning Scheme/Guile is not really any better.
> What I want is to be able to generate a Balance Sheet with all current transactions, then add in any budget items and/or future transactions up to an arbitrary date in the future to project all of the Balance Sheet accounts as of that arbitrary future date.
> It seems like it shouldn't be difficult to merge the Budget and Future Transaction info from their reports into the Balance Sheet if I already knew Guile.  Unfortunately, I don't know Guile.  LISP and its derivatives are just way too different from, say, C/C++ or Python for me to easily get the hang of it.

Well, you could always write what you need in C or C++ and call it from Python with ctypes or a custom wrapper.

John Ralls

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